All Available Yahoo Emoticons

Emoticon Desc. URL
happy happy <img src=”; />
sad sad <img src=”; />
winking winking <img src=”; />
big grin big grin <img src=”; />
batting eyelashes batting eyelashes <img src=”; />
big hug big hug <img src=”; />
confused confused <img src=”; />
love struck love struck <img src=”; />
blushing blushing <img src=”; />
tongue tongue <img src=”; />
kiss kiss <img src=”; />
broken heart broken heart <img src=”; />
surprise surprise <img src=”; />
angry angry <img src=”; />
smug smug <img src=”; />
cool cool <img src=”; />
worried worried <img src=”; />
whew! whew! <img src=”; />
devil devil <img src=”; />
crying crying <img src=”; />
laughing laughing <img src=”; />
straight face straight face <img src=”; />
raised eyebrows raised eyebrows <img src=”; />
rolling on the floor rolling on the floor <img src=”; />
angel angel <img src=”; />
nerd nerd <img src=”; />
talk to the hand talk to the hand <img src=”; />
call me call me <img src=”; />
on the phone on the phone <img src=”; />
at wits' end at wits’ end <img src=”; />
wave wave <img src=”; />
time out time out <img src=”; />
day dreaming day dreaming <img src=”; />
sleepy sleepy <img src=”; />
rolling eyes rolling eyes <img src=”; />
loser loser <img src=”; />
sick sick <img src=”; />
don't tell anyone don’t tell anyone <img src=”; />
no talking no talking <img src=”; />
clown clown <img src=”; />
silly silly <img src=”; />
party party <img src=”; />
yawn yawn <img src=”; />
drooling drooling <img src=”; />
thinking thinking <img src=”; />
d'oh d’oh <img src=”; />
applause applause <img src=”; />
nail biting nail biting <img src=”; />
hypnotized hypnotized <img src=”; />
liar liar <img src=”; />
waiting waiting <img src=”; />
sigh sigh <img src=”; />
phbbbbt phbbbbt <img src=”; />
cowboy cowboy <img src=”; />
I don't want to see I don’t want to see <img src=”; />
hurry up! hurry up! <img src=”; />
rock on! rock on! <img src=”; />
thumbs down thumbs down <img src=”; />
thumbs up thumbs up <img src=”; />
it wasn't me it wasn’t me <img src=”; />
pirate* pirate* <img src=”; />
puppy dog eyes puppy dog eyes <img src=”; />
I don't know I don’t know <img src=”; />
not listening not listening <img src=”; />
pig pig <img src=”; />
cow cow <img src=”; />
monkey monkey <img src=”; />
chicken chicken <img src=”; />
rose rose <img src=”; />
good luck good luck <img src=”; />
flag flag <img src=”; />
pumpkin pumpkin <img src=”; />
coffee coffee <img src=”; />
idea idea <img src=”; />
skull skull <img src=”; />
bug bug <img src=”; />
alien alien <img src=”; />
frustrated frustrated <img src=”; />
praying praying <img src=”; />
money eyes money eyes <img src=”; />
whistling whistling <img src=”; />
feeling beat up feeling beat up <img src=”; />
peace sign peace sign <img src=”; />
shame on you shame on you <img src=”; />
dancing dancing <img src=”; />
bring it on bring it on <img src=” ” />
hee hee hee hee <img src=”; />
chatterbox chatterbox <img src=”; />
not worthy not worthy <img src=”; />
oh go on oh go on <img src=”; />
star star <img src=”; />
hiro hiro <img src=”; />
billy billy <img src=”; />
april april <img src=”; />
yin yang yin yang <img src=”; />
bee bee <img src=”; />
transformer* transformer* <img src=”; />

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