Xecure Browser – Minimalisir Resiko ber-Internet Banking

Kalau anda sering menggunakan layanan internet banking, cobalah browser ini. Ini adalah web browser khusus yang dikeluarkan oleh XecureIT Lab untuk bertransaksi banking via internet.

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Cyber criminals employ various attack techniques to rob money from customers’ internet bank account. XecureBrowser version 1.0 can prevent following type of attacks and be used easily:

Anti Phishing

Internet Bank Robbers employ fake Internet Banking website. XecureBrowser users are avoided from fake websites because they can access only to the websites that have been white listed by XecureIT.

Browser Hijacking Prevention

Internet Bank Robbers infect a web browser with a trojan that has ability to modify Internet Bank pages, steal password / security token, do fund transfer and disable browser security functions. XecureBrowser has significantly reduced the possibility of being infected by a web browser trojan.

Anti Network Hijacking

Network access to Internet Banking can be easily hijacked without customers’ consent. When being attacked, they notice only a web browser security warning which can be ignored. In general purpose web browser, the security warning function can be disabled. XecureIT research has shown that 90% of customers do not understand the danger of ignoring security warning. XecureBrowser will immediately stop the access without asking the user if one of SSL security conditions is not fullfiled when accessing Internet Banking website. XecureBrowser will not work if the security warning function is disabled.

Portable Application

XecureBrowser for Windows can be used directly from USB drive without the need to be installed. Users just download, easily extract and access the Internet Banking website.

Support Multiple OS

XecureBrowser can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

xecure browser

xecure browser


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